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Greenex welcomes you!

Our planet is our future. Invest in the development of bioengineering and ecological, cosmetics, as well as take-away food shops and mobile food stands with Greenex today.

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Official company

Our business is officially registered in the UK. Company number 12938752.

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Instant of payment

You do not need to wait for your withdrawal requests to be processed.

Reliability and quality

We use the best technical know-how and business practices.

Investment offer

We are a young company that has just entered the market. As Greenex develops, we will improve the investment conditions for our partners and make cooperation more profitable.

Starter (107.5% profit)


  • Income 0.5% per day
  • The term of the deposit is 15 days
  • Principal back
  • Only 1 active deposit allowed

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Affiliate program

Invite new partners and get 1% of their deposits.

Contact us. Support

We will be happy to help you with any possible questions. Our email: [email protected]